So I’m having major resistance to writing these thank you notes that I was supposed to write over a month ago. To get myself over it and create a new mindset I’m doing a tweet-a-thon with the hastag #‎1000thankyous‬

In general I really enjoying expressing my gratitude but in the last few years I’ve felt compounded by a relentless schedule of performing and marketing the fuck out of those performances so that when I do have time off I just want to curl up with my wife and dog and watch really bad tv shows.

Nothing wrong with that but I notice that the feeling of love that is associated with giving gratitude is gone and replaced by an annoying sense of obligatory thanks. That’s why I don’t want to do it. I want it to come from a place of actual giving, of extending myself in a genuine opening of heart. I think that by having to write short thank yous with a large number and a short timeline attached I will stir the necessary elements up that will bring me back to a place of felt thanks.

Here’s the rules I set for myself and I invite you to join me:

  1. You have to write a personal manifesto of why you want/ need to take part in this project and post it on your blog/ tumblr. You can bit.ly link it to your tweets but that is optional.
  2. The 1000 tweets you write can’t start until tonight at 12:01 (Thursday 11/20) and must end by 11:59 Wednesday 1/26 just before Thanksgiving day begins.
  3. Any tweets without the hashtag #1000thankyous don’t count.
  4. You can thank anything and anyone you want. Just be authentic in your thank yous even if they seem silly and dorky.

That’s it. Join me! I’m @sethlepore on Twitter.

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