Seth Lepore

Seth Lepore

My name is Seth and I’m a writer, humorist, musician and solo performer. My life is all about creativity. Currently I tour a trilogy of one-man shows on the underbelly of the self-help movement. The first show Losing My Religion: Confessions of a New Age Refugee won an Audience Encore Award at both the Boulder and Minnesota Fringe Festivals and was one of Jay Gabler’s (of the Twin CIty Daily Planet) top ten plays of 2011. Pretty cool.

The second part SuperHappyMelancholyexpialidocious started touring in March 2012. Kicking Ass and Taking Names is in development for 2014.

I also compose music under the name Older Than Hours. I blog about what’s it’s like to be a theater artist as well as on topics that fit under the hood of “social criticism” which basically means anything that I wish to unravel.

Some projects in the works include a couple a book projects (Topics are on the hush-hush at the moment. Suspense!), and a a couple of collaborations which are becoming less hush hush but will be no hush hush once the website are done.

I also teach courses on self-promotion and marketing for independent theater artists. You can sign up for my email list over there to the right and be in the know on all this stuff.

Social media you say? Well, you should follow me on twitter, subscribe via facebook as well as subscribe to my youtube channel cuz that’s the thing to do.

You can also download my music on a pay-what-you-want basis. For the kids, y’know?

Want a theme song? Everyone deserves their own theme song.

Donations to the cause (me) can be made securely through my fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.

Enjoy your stay and if you want to shout out please do so…


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