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Artists think differently. I know this because I am one. I teach this segment of Nuts and Bolts as its own 6 hour crash course throughout the year. Here’s the deets:

Crowdfunding and Identity Building for Creatives

Two things that artists of all genres struggle with are asking for money and knowing how to talk about their work. For 4 Mondays in Mid-Feb to Mid-March we’re going to slow the process down and spend two weeks on each topic. The first week will be an overview. The second will be analyzing how students implement that knowledge.

Get your biz skills now in order. They don’t teach this shit in college. Don’t be left in the dark.

Crowdfunding for Creatives.
How to make your campaign functional, efficient and streamlined.

*Choosing the right platform for your project.
*Your pitch video and why it’s the most imperative part of your campaign.
*Outreach to your donor base through social media, email newsletters and platform updates.
*Combining a live event with your online campaign.
*Being transparent in your ask.
*Figuring out how much to ask for.
*Putting together your crowdfunding team. Doing this alone isn’t a good idea.
*Picking perks that you can actually fulfill.
*The perfect length for your campaign.
*Fiscal sponsorship and crowdfunding. A great combination.
*Why people don’t give to your campaign.
*The emotional intensity of running a campaign.

Branding is Bullshit.
Just be yourself through Identity Building.

*You aren’t Coca-Cola and you shouldn’t try to be.
*The elevator speech. Say ‘The Thesaurus’ four times fast cuz it’s your new best friend.
*Knowing who you are isn’t hard, it’s how to say it that is.
*Finding your descriptors. Yup.
*Your visual representation.
*From font choices to images and backgrounds
*Streamlining your visuals across print and web
*Doing all the above without feeling like a prostitute. Well… as much as possible.

Seth Lepore has been teaching and consulting artists on how to effectively run their arts practice through his crash course The Nuts and Bolts of Being a Performing Artist. As a touring performer he has heavily researched and experimented with a number of methodologies in order to understand the complexities of surviving in an over-saturated arts marketplace. From failures and successes Lepore offers a perspective that is grounded and no bullshit.


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