The Nuts and Bolts of Being a Performing Artist

A Master class for BA and MFA students in the performing arts (music, dance and theatre) as well as professional artists who are looking to expand their business skill set. This crash course goes over the building blocks of running a successful and sustainable business as a performing artist. Topics include marketing, PR, fundraising, fiscal sponsorship, self-producing your work, grants and touring. Find out more here.

Writing for Solo Performance

This class is aimed at understanding the fundamental elements needed for a full length solo show. Using various creative writing exercises, participants learn how to create a compelling narrative and story arch. By taking the page to the stage students learn how to dramatize their  writing in a compelling manner.

New Method Voice Training

This unique voice training is based on release and relaxation techniques that focus on the body as a whole instrument. Through a variety of contemplative, centering modalities students learn how to use spatial awareness and body-based practices to increase their inherent abilities.

Classes consist of guided exercises that allow the voice to fully come from the center and to explore habits and tendencies that can keep one stuck. After relaxing and expanding the limits of the voice, we work with range. Through repetition, a natural intuition develops that can be followed to find new ways of projecting and using the voice with ease.

Character Development

This class uses a variety of creative processes from writing, improving, movement and vocalizing. Students learn how to use the power of subtlety to express a character’s motivations. Using on-the-spot scene work based in improv techniques, realized characters interact with one another to discover ways to strengthen overall intentions and the humanity of each scene.

Developing Autobiographical Solo Work

Using the power of one’s story through the context of theater needs to be done in a way that is relatable and universal. Students learn how to create scenes that create an empathetic relationship with their audience. Through consistent attention to revision and refinement, students create short pieces where each moment is crafted with care and attention.

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