Firecracker Bye Bye

Design by Matthew Foster

Design by Matthew Foster

Lepore’s new one-man show, Firecracker Bye Bye, is a tender and funny ode to his late grandmother Nonie. He’s a gifted performer with a rubber face; he can lucidly switch characters just by cocking his head and changing his expression… and this heartfelt show is just about impossible not to enjoy. Bring your grandmother—whether she’s alive, or simply alive in your memory.-Twin Cities Daily Planet

An embarrassing exposé, twisted tribute and lamenting love letter to yarn, lasagna and sweet misunderstandings.

Meet the Lepore family: Frank the debonaire dad, Cameille the kooky aunt, and Nonie the sassy and endearing matriarch who holds the family together.

Seth Lepore, who is known for his dynamic character acting and vocal elasticity, plays his most intimate cast of characters yet. Lepore uses a chameleon-like ability to shape shift between his family members with the animated subtlety that has become his trademark.

Lepore playfully prods the Italian-American obsessions of food, home made sweaters and unfiltered discourses that border on the absurd. Through a vulnerable wit, Lepore shows how his grandmother became a second parent to him, leading to some of the most ludicrous and heartfelt moments of his life.

At once an embarrassing expose, twisted tribute and lamenting love letter, Firecracker Bye Bye is a comedic celebration of life amongst the inevitably of loss. From lasagna experiments gone wrong to crocheted eyesores, Lepore embodies his family’s offbeat charm with grace and punch, leaving the audience both jealous and relieved that they aren’t his relatives.

Firecracker Bye Bye premiered at Minnesota Fringe August 2013. Next stop is Salem Theater! Check out all upcoming performances.

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