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So I’m having major resistance to writing these thank you notes that I was supposed to write over a month ago. To get myself over it and create a new mindset I’m doing a tweet-a-thon with the hastag ‪#‎1000thankyous‬ In general I really enjoying expressing my gratitude but in the last few years I’ve felt […]

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Success Doesn’t Even Make it into the Equation

It seems that every two weeks the last couple months I’ve been hitting the same exact wall around being a theater artist. It’s the common “Why do I do this?” existential crisis. At least that’s what it seems like. However, there’s nothing existential about it. There’s nothing philosophical about the economic reality of theater.

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An Open Letter to Non-Theater (or Theatre if you’re all fancy) Goers

It’s not your fault really. There’s so much schlock that promotes itself as theater that it justifies your casting off any potential enjoyment of the form. Unfortunately I’m getting majorly screwed by that way of thinking in the process. Some have said that theater is a form with two feet in the grave just waiting […]

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Daydreaming for the Fuck of it

I’m constantly daydreaming. Unfortunately these wonderful and playful aspects of my imagination get met with a pragmatic set of questions: *Could I get a grant for that? *How much time would it take to develop into a full piece? *Do I really need a suspended trapeze that is two feet off the ground that I […]

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Mental Illness is soooo 2012

In the wake of the Newtown shooting there has been a lot of talk about needing to open up the conversation about mental illness. As I started listening to the coverage and conversations I started to get peeved at how the term was being thrown around as if it encapsulated every mental state that may […]

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Subjective Success in the Self-Help Web

I’ve been thinking a shit ton about success as I work on the final part of my one-man trilogy on the underbelly of the self-help movement. Kicking Ass and Taking Names (tagline: Measuring Success One Failure at a Time) has been one of the projects I’ve been mind dumping onto my laptop all of December. […]

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The Holidaze Hump

The holiday season can be one of the roughest times of year for many and I am included in that contingency. It’s when I start listening to a lot more metal with titles like Waiting Out the Winter. It’s also a double edge sword in terms of creativity. The end of November through December is […]

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